Dummies Running open APs

They leave it open and then try to cut people off based on Windoze USER NAME, HOSTNAME and MAC address. They obviously have no idea what the hell they are doing since I can readily change all three within 5 minutes. Gateway keeps sending me ICMP to determine who I am, but that keeps changing; I'm back again. Possibly a honeytrap. If so, hope they like worthless information, that's all they are getting.

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Do you think you should be using that access point?

It seems pretty clear that they don't want you to. You have no way of knowing or understanding why they are so configured and managed.

Just because you are able to defeat some kind of security or insecurity doesn't mean you should.

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Mike Easter

Mike Easter wrote in news:8535esF6inU1 @mid.individual.net:

If they leave their door wide open, they are inviting him in. Maybe they are snoops trying to get personal information for ID theft?

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That's the attitude of someone who's up to no good.

Just because I'm not taking active measures to keep you out does not in any way mean that I've "invited" you in; I'm simply expecting you to act in a civilized manner.

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Bert Hyman

Locally, some hospital and corporate Wi-Fi systems work that way. You need to have a VPN client, with all the requisite authentication, in order to get anywhere on the system. You can probably connect to the wireless access points, but that's all you get. There's no wi-fi encryption in use because the VPN provides all the encryption and security that's needed.

Don't have too much fun beating your head against the firewall.

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Jeff Liebermann

Jeff Liebermann wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com:

They are also trying to block me by location, but doesn't help much since I'm mobile.

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Yup, leave it open and then scan all the packets looking for IDs and passwords. Doesn't take long.

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Bill Kearney

usersupplied wrote in news:hsie22$ag7$ snipped-for-privacy@speranza.aioe.org:


no idea what

three within 5

am, but

If so,


that way.


connect to

There's no wi-fi

encryption and


help much

Ever heard of encryption?

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"Bill Kearney" wrote in news:yZmdnbEg-OTMdXDWnZ2dnUVZ snipped-for-privacy@speakeasy.net:


for ID theft?

for IDs and

Not sure how this got misthreaded, trying again. Ever heard of encryption?

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