do i throw away the wired modem/router?

I seem to be getting mixed advice from shops when I ask what equipment I
need for the following situation. I have a friend who browses the internet
from her laptop wired up to a BT Voyager 220v router modem (for business use
and would seem a waste to discard) which is designed to attach at least
another computer via an ethernet cable. She is very happy with the
However her husband with the computer upstairs, and quite a long way away,
is still using dial up and is not happy! His computer is new with a 10/100
network card. What equipment should I purchase to connect him with the
minimum of disruption to broadband. I know a cable is the simplest but wife
says that is out of the question. So is an wireless access point what I
need but have been told that is very tricky to set up! I suppose I am just
looking for the simplest way to connect the computer upstairs withe the
router downstairs without putting in a cable!
Hope someone can advise.
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I've set up a couple of WAP, very easy. I prefer to have the WAP as a standalone box, it allows me to locate it in the optimum place in the house to get the best coverage.
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Steve Pearce
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If wireless freedom isn't needed, powerline networking may be the best solution; e.g., D-Link DHP-100 Ethernet-to-Powerline Bridge at each end.
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John Navas
Thanks for your advice. I have just found out about these
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and they seem to be similar to the ones you recommended! They sound ideal. Thanks Liz
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