D-Link DI-824VUP+ as a Printer Server

Hello, I have a problem getting the D-Link DI-824VUP+ to act as a printer server. The printer in concern is a 'USB only' Canon S820D. There's a USB port on the router, which to I've connected the printer. On the front of the router there are diodes showing that the internet access is OK, what number of computers are connected to the local network etc. There's also a diode showing that *there is not* a connection established via the USB port between the printer and the router. 'Not ready' is also what 'Status' under the router's web interface tells about USB peripherals. I've installed the printer driver for S820D, and I've also installed the print server software that was bundled with the router. I know that the printer itself and its USB cable are healthy as I've had the printer connected directly to the main computer beforehand. But then I don't know for sure if the router and the printer are in fact compatible. Does anyone have a comment/hint/solution?

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