Configuring Norton Anti-Worm Protection on PC to run in harmony with Netgear WGT624 wireless route

I've encountered problems with getting this router to stay connected as far as the PC is concerned; not the Mac, which continues to get a good internet signal as expressed on another thread. I have now isolated the problem on the PC, running XP Home. I believe that the Norton Protection running on that machine uses the Anti-Worm feature to block the router. I opened up the Norton reports on the PC and saw comments to the effect that "Internet Worm Protection has been enabled", "Intrusion detected and blocked. All communication with will be blocked for 30 minutes" and "Intrusion: Invalid ICMP Code".

As a result of this, I turned off the Norton Anti-Worm and now the internet connection comes through from the router, just as it does on the Mac (albeit without any such headaches). I would like to keep the PC (as well as the Mac, if I have to worry about such security problems) safe from worms or other intrusions which may occur if I leave the Norton set to "off" for this stuff. Can anyone suggest just how I should configure Norton so as to permit both the router and the Anti-Worm protection to work? Or is this something that should best be done via the router firmware/software? My cable modem service is DHCP.

Thanks for your help and suggestions! Paul

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Paul Soderman
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I suggest you try to find a way of configuring the software to trust or ignore the router's Device IP. I suggest you call the maker of the software tech support and find out how to do it.

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Mr. Arnold6

Another option is to get rid of Norton and use another program.

My experience with Norton on both my Mac and PC has been extremely frustrating.

Good luck trying to contact Norton's tech support--and if you are able to do so--in getting any useful help.

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Little Sir Echo

I am a long term Norton user but it is well known for false worm alarms

make a trusted sute

Hugh W

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Hugh Watkins

On Sat, 02 Dec 2006 17:45:14 +0000, Hugh Watkins wrote in :

Better just to replace it with something better -- there are a number of free replacements that are excellent, including AntiVir Personal Edition Classic.

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John Navas

And Norton is EXTREMELY expensive to renew the virus definitions for a year. They tried to charge me 49.99 for a one year renewal for Norton Systemworks.

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When I was using Norton, the virus definitions were $4.95 a year; that $49.95 sounds like the upgrade to the next version of the entire software package, not for virus definitions.

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Michelle Steiner

That is expensive. Keep an eye out for cheap copies of the program and don't even bother renewing. My local Fry's electronics often has Norton or McAfee Anti-Virus for free after In-Store Rebate + Upgrade Rebate. It would seem you could take advantage of this every year.


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Steve de Mena

That's pretty funny, because these offers probably exist to get you on the subscription treadmill.

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On Thu, 07 Dec 2006 07:11:35 GMT, Steve de Mena wrote in :

Why do that, when better software and better protection is free?

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