Client disconnects from AP (Linksys)

Well I am getting a bit sick of Linksys gear not going throught one gib board wall and not working in the next room.

I have had two slightly different scenarios lately:

  1. Client regularly disconnects and eventually reconnects. When it is connected has full signal (interference?)
  2. Client disconnects and needs to have key entered again and again (WPA) before it will reconnect.

I am not trying to set any distance records here.....

Using WAG200G's with WMP54G's and the USB version too.

Can anyone reccomend better gear that I can start to use without taking too much of a price hit? Linksys just seems to be getting so darn flakey.

Is there any gear that would be good for logging signal strength over time so I can see when signal dies and maybe get a few more clues as to why?

Cheers in advance


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So, drill a large hole in the wall and point the antenna through it. Otherwise, drill a much smaller hole and run CAT5.

Probably interference. However, I've noticed that even in allegedly RF clean environments, I get disconnects from frequency selective fading and cancellations due to reflections. As with real estate, there are only 3 important items.... location, location, and location.

Buggish driver or access point. The re-keying interval is usually

3600 seconds. Do the disconnects coincide with the re-keying interval? I test this by diving into the access point settings and shortening the re-keying interval to about 1 minute. It's fairly obvious if this is the problem.

Great. So how about supplying some numbers? How many meters away? How many walls? What's in the wall(s)?

Ummm... the WAG200G v2 is a problem. Search Google for "WAG200G problem". That should give you a clue.

If possible, find another router, substitute it for the WAG200G and see if it helps.

Sure. Cisco AIR-AP1231G. About $120.

It doesn't have the latest buzzwords and acronyms, but is a good solid and reliable access point. Use your existing router. Don't forget the PoE injector and power supply.

Your client radios are also somewhat of a problem. I don't know what you're using them in, what OS you're using, or how you have them setup, so I don't wanna make any suggestions.

Any router that does SNMP can do that. You won't see much if you're getting interference or frequency selective fades. You will see something is there's obstructions in the path. The problem is that you can't really poll the access point continuously to get a clean smooth line for signal strength. Typically, programs poll at 1, 5, or

10 minute intervals. That won't show much for interference etc.
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Jeff Liebermann

Which version of WMP54G's are you using as they have been around for years and I remember having weak signal problems with the version 2? If you wish to try logging AP signal strengths you could try using Netsurveyor in one of the computers as it has a logging/recording capability.


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