What's good? I have a DSL modem that connects to my Linksys router in the house. When playing online, I get disconnects often. There could be a period of time (like 2months straight) with no disconnects, but then like today, get 3 in a row. Is there something in the router configuration I could change to help prevent this? I am beginning to think disconnects will happen. I understand but 3 times in a row? At one point (about 2 months ago) I disconnected 5 games in a row. I thought it was my cable, cause it's 50ft. I play mostly in other rooms in the house. But I am not sure that is the case cause it works like a charm when it's good. What's up with the intermittent disconnects?

Just did a firmware update to the Linksys like a month ago.

Linksys WRT54G ver 3 Westell Modem

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Your config is very unclear. Let me guess: wireless laptop to linksys router to ADSL modem. Where's this 50ft cable ? When you get disconnects, whats between you and the router? What changes? Anyone using a cordless phone or microwave or video sender?

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