Can a WIFI transmitter work on dialup

I'm stuck with dialup internet in a rural area. My only source for high speed service would be to go with a satellite dish, and that would mean getting the satellite tv package at a cost much more than I can afford in a month. No to mention that I dont want the tv service because I have an antenna and only watch the news and an occasional (oldies) program on THIS-TV or ME-TV.

So, for now, I'll just stick with my slow but cheap dialup internet service. However, I'd like to hook up a WIFI transmitter so I can get internet access in other buildings on this farm. For example, I might be working on a car or tractor in the garage and want to look up some engine specs, using my laptop computer. Or maybe I want internet access in the barn while dealing with a sick animal.

My question is whether I can connect a WIFI transmitter to a dialup internet connection????? The main computer is in the house where the phone line comes in. That's where I'd put the transmitter for the WIFI, and should be able to get it in all outer buildings which are all within about 300 feet or less. Can this be done? How?


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Yes, you certainly can do so.

300 feet might be pushing it, especially into different buildings. You may need to run a second AP connected with ethernet or powerline.

Yes, there are routers with dialup backup capability. Never used one myself. An example would be a Draytek Vigor 2820 + an AFM-102 modem.

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Wrong. HughesNet and Exede do NOT require a TV package. The TV and satellite internet services are on different satellites, so if you really would want TV, it will be on a complete seperate dish.

I'm not sure where you got this wrong information, but methinks you should talk directly to the service providers and not get sold on something you don't want.

300ft about 3 times farther than I would suggest running a single wireless router to (for example) a laptop. There is no requirement tha you have only a single wi-fi access point. You can have one in the house near the dialup computah, and a 2nd access point somewhere closer to the outer buildings. There are various ways to do this.
  1. A "range extender" type wireless repeater.
  2. Run CAT5 cable between buildings, which is the most reliable.
  3. WDS (wireless distribution system) which is a different form of range extender.
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Jeff Liebermann

Assuming Windows (and disregarding any range problems), "Internet Connection Sharing", a feature of Windows, will allow you to do what you want assuming you have a NIC in your host computer and a wireless access point to connect to it.


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I used to have an old linux box running BrazilFW 2 (formerly Coyote) from a bootable CD. It would do dialup on demand, and had a cable to a netgear wireless router. So I could use it from any PC in the house, and wouldn't hog the phone line. Took me a while to configure it... So , yes, very possible. (that was years ago, have DSL now) As to distances, dunno. My garden is only 180 feet deep, never tried it further than that. []'s

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For sure, sounds like they contacted one of the "triple play" providers.

And the other often overlooked option is to get data from a cell company.

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