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John, Jeff and Jack...

Thanks again guys for pointing this card out to me a few weeks back. FTR, I picked one up and have just recently started playing around with it.

Here's what I've encountered so far...

First being that I'm using an Acer Aspire 5000 series laptop which has a built-in Broadcom wi-fi adapter, and these two devices don't want to work at the same time. No problem, however - I just disable the internal wi-fi when I'm testing with the Buffalo card.

Something that has puzzled me though is that the Buffalo card seems to have a weaker range the the internal Broadcom device. Must admit that I figured the Buffalo PCMCIA card would be better, but perhaps I'll only see its true colours come through when I snap in an external antenna.

Comments or thoughts??


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Paul Mathieu
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On 4 Mar 2007 19:40:12 -0800, "Paul Mathieu" wrote in :

Bingo. PC card antennas are quite a bit worse than better laptop antennas, so the PC card will only shine with a good external antenna.

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John Navas

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