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I want wifi access when I'm away from home. I have a wifi enabled laptop and I know how to access wifi hotspots. What I need help on is on all the different wifi providers, like BT Openzone, the Cloud, T Mobile etc. They each describe the others as "partners". Does that mean that if I have a monthly subscription to one then I can access a different one's hotspot without paying extra?

A lady at BT Openzone suggested that if I join BT Openzone, then I can access any other provider, too. However, she seemed really pushy and unwilling to give details. I notice that T Mobile's web page

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that the unlimited T Mobile wifi tariff gives only 300 number of minutes connection to BT Openzone hotspots.

I don't want to pay monthly fees to company X then additionally have to pay company Y in order to use its hotspot.

Please help!

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On 29 Apr 2007 05:42:14 -0700, Simon wrote in :

The only reliable source of such information is the hotspot provider. Keep calling until you get someone with a clue.

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John Navas

The three major hotspot operator's allow you to connect to each other's hotspots, I have done that and it works very well. Remember this is in the UK. If you are out of the UK, you must have a monthly subscription, the vouchers your can buy for an hour, 24 hours or a month are for UK use only.

There are a number of smaller suppliers for instance, one that does boating marinas that do not let you roam with the above three majors.

If you are not a heavy user, the best deal is to search on ebay for openzone and get your BTOpenzone vouchers there for a fraction of the price that BTOpenzone or their partners charge.

Current Hotspots in the UK as this weeks BTOpenzone listing BTOpenzone 2,322 Orange 86 TheCloud 6,968 Tmobile 1,140 kezone 15

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