Best method of active usb extensions

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Since my electronics knowledge is kinda limited, have to ask this here.

I need to span about 26 feet from a outdoor dish to indoor usb adapter client to my computers (hope JeffL. can answer, but will take all advice).

USB client adapter has an external MMX (from memory) antenna jack and is


First link in chain will be 5 feet of coax with receiving element which I thinking could be bare coax wire positioned at focal point?, maybe with a homemade reflector? (or what would u suggest), since this is a homemade dish antenna and would have a male MMX jack at the other end (whatever that's called?) to connect to the usb adapter.

Next link will be inside from 2 foot pigtail coming from USB client adapter to one of the following:

an a)active usb extension cable-most are only 16 feet + non active cable (to make up the difference) to the box, OR

b) passive long cable leading to powered hub, then passive cable to box OR

c) hub to passive long cable to box

I am not sure which is better to use? and active long usb extension cable or a powered hub or both for the approx 20 feet from usb pigtail to the box. From the picture the pigtail ends with a female USB jack (what are they called?) so will probably need a male to female arrangement to the box (no pun intended, haha).

I realize there will be losses from the coax, but that is unavoidable with this arrangement (using a bridge is not an option at this point).

Any advice you can give on making a good receiving element at the homemade dish and on the cable arrangments is most appreciated. Thank you very much, this group has been a big help.

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How about one of those USB-extension-over-cat5 boxes like

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