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We live on a farm in Hawaii with a guest cottage. A1 has internet access and would like to share with A2 (cottage) location. I have a Linksys wrt54g in A1 location. Location A2 is ~1000 feet away. A2 has a SMCwebt-g set in client mode with a 19dbi external antenna. The connection to the PC via 1 single CAT connection is great. However, when I connect the SMC to a SMC(barricade) HUB I can only get 1 PC to aquire an IP number from A1 location (and connect to the internet). I have the SMCwebt-g connected to the LAN port on the barricade. Is it possible to connect more than 1 PC to a router running in the clinet mode at location A2?

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Probably not. Some wireless client mode bridges will bridge more than one MAC address, while some will not. I'm not familiar with the SMCwebt-g so I guess I get to RTFM for you:

No clue on the client mode in the data sheet. Are you running the latest firmware?

Try assigning a static IP address to the PC that doesn't work. It just might be a DHCP server problem in the WRT54G. I don't think it will work, but it's worth a few minutes trying it.

Ah, SMCwebt-g has WDS mode. That will work. If you happen to have a hardware version of the WRT54G that supports alternative firmware such as:

which adds WDS mode.

This will allow the SBCwebt-g to simulaneously act as a repeater for wireless connections, and as a client bridge for wired ethernet connections. The catch is that the SMCwebt-g is not listed as a tested product which implies that it might not work or that it may not support WPA encryption, only WEP (which is useless for security). The SMCwebt-g data sheet claims it supports WPA encryption in bridging mode, so it just might work.

Maybe it would be better if you just purchase a wireless bridge that is known to handle more than one MAC address. See list at:

I didn't create the list and I'm finding problems with some bridges and specific firmware versions. For example, DLink DWL-2100AP+ has problems with more than one MAC address in the last 2 firmware releases.

Oh curses. The SMCwebt-g is listed above as handling multiple MAC addresses. Yet, you've demonstrated that it doesn't work. What version firmware are you running? It's also possible that the problem is at the WRT54G end. Which hardware version and which firmware release?

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Jeff Liebermann

the WRT54G has a frimware ver v1.00.9 (may 2006)

the SMCwebt-g has a firmware runtime code v1.03 (sept 2005)

The SMCwebt-g has 3 modes. I have not tried to switch to the "repeater" mode. Not sure if this would solve my problem?

I have tried several times to put in a static IP address but this will not work. However, 2 pc's can access the smcwebt-g rounter if I plug in the static IP address of the SMCwebt-g router (which is different than the WRT54g) in each PC thru the SMC(barricade) HUB.

I also have a linksys wrt55ag which is what I would like to eventually use behind the SMCwebt-g rounter once I figure out how to get several pc's to work thru the SMCwebt-g rounter.

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