Anybody familiar with old D-Link DWLAP and configuration for Client mode? #2

Hey guys, thanks for the reply. I tried posting a reply, but I guess I don't have something configured correctly, and I'm new to newsgroups, so forgive me for having to post again, just to reply.

Yes, I have a 900AP and it is not a plus model.

Since I last attempted to reply to the posting thread, I have tried something new. I tried using DHCP instead of static addresses. That didn't make any improvement for client mode, but I can now get the 900AP to function as a bridge. It allows me to connect my computer to the internet (which was my first goal). Not sure why client mode is still not working. Perhaps it will never work in client mode as suggested.

BTW, the firmware is 1.4j3 which was the latest rev from D-Link.

It shows the signal strength as 100% (mostly because it's close to the router, for testing purposes), but the link quality shows as 20-25% or so. Any ideas why?


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