Any wireless extenders / boosters that work with ANY brand of wireless router??

Why not pay for your own service and get a good signal in the process?

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I'm getting a weak wireless signal from the public school that is next door. I'd like to get a wireless extender / booster / repeater and see if it can boost the signal enough that it is farily reliable and useable (so I don't have to subscribe to an ISP).

But it seems that most wireless extenders only work with their own manufacturer.

ARE there any wireless extenders / boosters / repeaters that work with pretty much any brand of router? Or do they all only work with their own brands?

Thanks, Gary

NOTE This is the almost same question I just asked in another thread, but am hoping the change in subject will draw different expertise. Sorry if asking two very similar questions offends anyone.

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Mostly it's money, but here's the details:

Actually, I currently do pay for service. I have a cable-TV + cable-internet package. We're considering cancelling the cable TV because we find we're watching more TV than we want to. Actually, I'm thinking I'd be better off not watching any TV. ~ ANYWAY, in considering cancelling the cable-TV it occurs to me to consider cancelling the cable-internet too. ~ The school next door is a public school that my taxes help to fund. The wireless network they have is open to the public. (Yes, I may go ask their explicit permission to use it. But personally, I don't see anything wrong with useing a publicly funded network that has not been restricted. If they wanted to restrict it, they could easily do so).

Also, I am (or will be) a "light" internet user. I don't download lots of music or other big files. (I used to download some music, but I haven't done much recently and if I cancel cable I won't do it at all). So I really don't expect the small traffic from my emailing, surfing, and usenet to impact their network. Especially since much of my use will be in the evening when, presumably, the school is not using their network much.

Anyway, I might continue to pay for service. But if I don't have to, and if it doesn't harm anyone else, why spend money needlessly?

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"Gary" wrote in news:WuEle.16168$

LOL -- too funny

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

If you are supporting a desktop you'll be looking at wireless bridges (DWL-800AP or similar that can be placed into bridge mode) and if you are supporting a laptop look at USB adapters. Once you've made that choice... toss a good "home brew" reflector into the mix and you should be able to accomplish what you want.

Look here:

formatting link
formatting link
When building homebrew antennas stick with the easy to build, cheap, designs first because you can throw them out if you don't like them.

Stay away from the recommendations that the vendors who frequent this forum give you about buying a commercial antenna. That is almost always completely unnecessary.


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Thanks for the info & ideas.

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The Belcan 802.11g Ethernet wireless bridge works well with any computer that sports an Ethernet port. With Windows XP and Mac OSX op systems all you need to do is plug it in and turn it on. For portable use ... 3 D size batteries (for 5.5 volts) You could even mag mount it to the top of your vehicle (in good weather) and do some wardriving.

William Lee

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