Actiontec causing interference with phone

My actiontec wireless router (802.11g, wt701-g, supplied by qwest with dsl service) is causing interference in my phone. It is worst in my wireless phone (900Mhz, Uniden) - With that phone it is sometime very hard to hear.

However - I also have an old-school rotary dial phone (baby blue, made by bell-labs in the late 70's) The actiontect causes interference on this phone /even if it isn't plugged in!/ If I disconect it completely from the wall and just hold it within a few feet of the router, I can hear a hum and buzz.

Is this normal behavior, or a poor quality router or a faulty unit?



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I can't really say, but my QWest provided Actiontec WT701-G unit caused no problem at all to my old Uniden 900MHz phone unit, nor any other phones.

I assume you have the proper filters installed on all your used phone line outlets? Could be a defective filter on the jack that feeds your Uniden, maybe?


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this will be a poorly shielded power supply / transformer probably.

Neither of my routers, actiontec and 3com, interferes with anything.

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Mark McIntyre

Hi Adam, have you tried disabling the wireless section of the Actiontec and seeing if that makes any difference. If not, then as Mark suggests, it sounds like you have a faulty unit and should ring up your ISP's helpline. Cheers, Mike

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