Wireless Router Interference with DECT

Hi there,

Haven't been able to find out much about this on the web but wonder if someone out there can help me...

Basically I have a wireless Vigor 2600 WE router which when turned on causes an incredible degree of hiss on my DECT phone (BT Synergy 3500). I don't really want to replace either of these unless I absolutely have to....

Tried so far...

Unplugging phone from broadband filter and re-inserting in another socket....no change

Changing the channel that the router operates on..... small change but still a lot of interference.

Any suggestions?



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I have a pair of shoes that give me constant pain.....

How do I stop the pain without chaning my shoes?

Answer easy!

DONT wear them.

Seriously though, I use a DG824M (Router/WiFi), a NexSwitch SD080s 10/100 switch, Intel Print Server, two WL410's and an old Buffalow 16 port 10Mbit Hub..

I also use Radio equiptment for transmitting and receiving on different bands (Amateur Radio)

I get "Interference" from the WL410's on the two meter band unless I dont switch them off... Then the network is down! (and for HF work, I have to switch off EVERYTHING so I can hear other radio opperators!) The 10/100 Switch is always switched off because of the "Interference" so the 16 port 10Mbit hub is used instead (far less quicker!!)

These network devices use frequencies which are causing harmonics at higher/lower frequencies than what it opperates on, and the hormonics require antennuation..

All I can sudject is trying ferrite rings on your routers power chord and cat5 cables, and putting the router as far as possible away from your phone/ receiver. Maybe a quick search in google for EMC will help you understand about eletro megnetic compatability...... and quite possibly a good way to help you illiminate your interference?


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