3Com and WPA trouble?

Hello I have some trouble getting the WPA encryption on a 3Com 3CRWE554G72 Gateway to work. WEP works perfectly, but when I enter a simple pass-phrase my laptop cannot get an IP from the device. Of course everything is set up correctly and everything is 11g compatible, but something is wrong. The most recent update has been installed, but still it does not work.

3Com Service website is absolute horror and does not give me the answers I need. Any ideas?
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You can dial the customer service number of 3Com

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Well, my warranty has expired and the email I sent to the EMEA was returned with this: "Your warranty expired two years ago!!".

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What computer/OS/wireless card/software are you using?

Are you trying to use WPA or WPA2? If WPA, the variant you want is WPA-PSK. While TKIP should be supported by anything that supports WPA, AES encryption might not be - so try TKIP first.

Also, are you broadcasting the gateway's SSID? If not, WPA might not be able to connect.

Finally, it may help to use alternate SSIDs on the gateway when you switch between WPA and WEP (e.g., "gateway-WEP" and "gateway-WPA") because that way you will not have to reenter the long WEP key if switching to WPA does not work (the client remembers the key/passphrase and encryption protocol that is used for a particular SSID but, if you enter a new key/passphrase for a particular SSID, then the old one is removed).


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Yves Konigshofer

Hello again

Thanks for the advices, Yves. However I have tried all the variations and still it didn't work. Then I tried something else - to fix a specific IP for the connecting device. And it works great :)) WPA finally works! Odd though that you have to assign an IP manually to get it to work - apparently something with the DHCP is not working.

But thank you all for your advices!

kind regards Jakob

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