ThinkPad X31 - Intel 2100 3B - Windows 2000 - WPA-PSK (Belkin)


I need to connect my old ThinkPad X31 to a belkin router with WPA-PSK (I have no problem to get my Sony VAIO to connect to it).

In order to get the WPA-PSK I download an update and some software from lenovo web site. ThinkVantage Acess Connection has no problem to find the AP point and say that there is an encryption algorithm. I entered the correct pass-phrase in WPA-PSIK option but unfortunately there is no connection. I checked the log but there is: Error openin level [ssid] and Error getting profile status.

Any ideas of what could be wrong?

Many thanks


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Ed, have you thought about posting this to the "ibm.ibmpc.thinkpad" usnet group? Folks there are very familiar with the different models of ThinkPads, and the IBM installed programs such as ThinkVantage Access Connection and related. Wireless issues come up frequently.

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Hi Barbara

No, I haven't but after you pointed it out I posted a msg there, Many thanks. Ed

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