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I'm using a D-Link DSL-G604T wireless router/modem on a Win 98SE computer. While WEP security works OK, every time I try to configure it for WPA PSK security, the settings I've made aren't there after reboot & it's reverted to my previous settings (either unsecure ot WEP). Does WPA PSK not work with Win 98?

My wife connects on an XP Centrino laptop. Because I'm using 128 bit WEP, there's a 26 digit password which has to be typed in twice each time she connects. Her computer remembes a previous shorter password (64 bit) I used initially and this always comes up filled in already, but how can I tell it to remember this new password? I had a look in Control Panel>User Accounts>Manage Passwords & tried to add this one but the box wouldn't take a 26 digit password.

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Ok I'm pretty much a noob in wireless... but I would still have to make sure that you save settings before rebooting the router, unless it says "save and reboot" on the button. I think they have the same model here. Will just check it. Well kind of got me on the first one. Try doing the settings under the "Advanced User Mode". Might be possible that Win 98 doesn't like it. Do a google search if you have to, and make sure it's updated with patches etc(download onto the XP machine and then copy them over if you have to).

Second part try Control Panel>Wireless Network Setup Wizard. Or check the settings under Control Panel>Network Connections>-your wireless connection.- Make sure all the settings under there are right.

I hope this helps... otherwise there should be half a dozen other people on here that can help :)

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