2.4 Ghtz Wireless Phone and 2.4 Ghtz Linksys Help

Anyone experienced problems with them co-existing ? My wireless connection loses connectivity at least 2-3 times, during the evening. I have tried different channels (1,6 &11) per Linksys support. I am going to but a 5.8 ghtz phone hoping that will cure the problem.

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Ken Hymes
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Oh yes. My Panasonic Giga-Feature model something cordless phone just rips on my 802.11b wireless connectivity. I can make it work when the two radios are on opposite sides of the room, but forget it when next to each other.

Are you sure you're losing wireless connectivity and not DSL or cable modem (internet) connectivity? I lose internet connectivity several times per day. Most commonly, I see is when Skype or AIM complains that they are no longer connected to their directory servers. A minute or so later, they both automatically recover.

Careful. Not all 5.8GHz phones are 5.8GHz in both directions. Some use 2.4GHz in the base unit to handset link. It's much easier to do full duplex between two bands, than it is inside the 5.8Ghz band. They usually don't say anything on the box or on the manufacturers web pile, but if you can dig out the FCCID number, you can lookup the functional description in the type certification documents. A good example is the AT&T 5830 which at least admits that they use both bands. AT&T 1540 is 2.4GHz/900MHz dual-band. I suggest a 900MHz cordless phone, which will not interfere. More range than 5.8GHz and much cheapter.

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