VPN: Which linux software to connect Zywall


In out company we have some Zyxel Zywall firewalls (10, 35, 70). Now I try to setup a software VPN router with linux for my home that grant access to the company net.

Which software can/should I use?

After a short internet search I found two canidates: FreeS/WAN and OpenVPN.


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Dirk Clemens
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Since kernel 2.6 Linux is IPsec-enabled by default through the import of the KAME-stack. Just take care, that the appropriate options are compiled into the kernel or the modules are loaded. If you're running on

2.4.x, FreeS/WAN (or StrongS/WAN) are kernel-patches you need. AFAIK the ISAKMPd is already ported to Linux, which may be an alternative. OpenVPN is not compatible with IPsec and therefor unuseable for the ZyWall. Maybe you'll give a try on L2TP, but IPsec maybe the choice.

greets \\cd

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