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To begin with, I have three or maybe four computers running Windows XP home edition. Each computer has broadband access using a linksys routers (either BEFSR41 or WRT54G) .

One of the computer is located in the company office and the others are located at the employees' homes.

I would like to use the Network Connection Wizard, but the first thing it asks for is the Host name or IP address of the computer you want to connect to.

Now a couple of questions.

With the limitations listed above, do I need a Static IP address on each of the computers?

What is Plan "B" if Static IP addresses are not availabel one or more of the computers?

I have been working with computers since the bits were flat, but I am a VPN newbie. Thanks

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  1. Check these two product pages:
    formatting link
  2. To run ViPNet VPN, you need only one static IP for ViPNet Coordinator or one PC with
    formatting link
  3. There is a free demo version available for 45 days to try. So, you can try everything, what you need in your environment, and if you like it - just take it.


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