vpn problems to win2k server error "Error 800: Unable to establish connection "

Hello everyone, I am trying to connect from win2kpro to small business server 2000 thru a vpn connection. I installed a second nic on my server and did the ICW and RRAS wizards and enabled ports 1723 and 47. I even did port fordwarding to thru the router(SMC 2804wbr) to forward direct to my server using first the external nic, then the internal nic, then both. and still nothing, I keep getting "Error 800: Unable to establish connection ". I looked in Support.microsoft.com, but was no help. The router is a wireless g router/ap combo and is definetely after 2000 and firmware issue.

Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thank You. Rich.

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Did you enable protocol 47???? Not port 47..

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Joe Beasley

PPTP passthrough?

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Brett Jarcevic

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