VPN Linksys BEFVP41-Symantec SGS360R - how setup?

Hi I have in my company Symantec Gateway Security 360R. I must connect external office over vpn to sgs. In office I have Linksys router BEFVP41. How may I correctly setup router BEFVP41 (or SGS 360R)? In logs on SGS I have: "

end of log VPN_test - Terminating connection VPN_test - Sending ISAKMP OAK INFO (Notification IKE SA) VPN_test - state transition function for STATE_QUICK_R0 failed. NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN VPN_test - (null): NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN VPN_test - ERRno acceptable Proposal in IPSec SA VPN_test - STATE_MAIN_R3 sent MR3, ISAKMP SA established VPN_test - STATE_MAIN_R2: from STATE_MAIN_R1; sent MR2; expecting MI3 VPN_test - STATE_MAIN_R1: from STATE_MAIN_R0; sent MR1; expecting MI2 VPN_test - Responding to Main Mode from Remote Peer xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx start of log

I have enabled IPSec Passthrough, PPPOE, PPPTP, MD5, SHA and disabled PFS.

Has someone VPN Symantec 300'series - Linksys maybe?

Best regards Adam Macholl

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Adam Macholl
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