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We have had a IPSec vpn remote access solution for some time, but want to move this over to a SSL based solution. Our problem has been this is for only about a half a dozen users and so $$$ is a real issue.

We got excited about the SonicWall SSL-VPN 200. ~$500 bucks, and the documentation said it would do everything we wanted. The problem documentation is, uhmm, misleading, to put it gently. SonicWall tends to mix the capabilities of the SSL-VPN 200 with those of its bigger brother the SSL-VPN 2000. So the fact that the 200 will only do a ActiveX client and won't do a Java client is well hidden. Does you a fat lot of good when half of you client machines are Macs or Linux.

There are other things, but suffice it to say that we returned that product with a vengence.

I'm currently doing some experimenting with the community edition of SSL-explorer from 3sp. It works and its free - whats not to like? Well, the documentation is lacking (what is there is accurate, though), its a little funky to setup, the user interface is a bit inconsistant, and the pure Java client is a little slow. I'm not sure that the enterprise version addresses these issues or not.

Anyway, can someone tell me what other low-end ssl based vpn systems are available? (Yes, I've DAGS, but I'm not finding a whole bunch)

Frank Stutzman

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Frank Stutzman
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You might consider

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which has no $ cost.

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