PIX and WinXP

I have a WinXP machine ( which is connected to a PIX firewall ( on its inside interface (currently eth1). The default gateway on the machine points to the PIX. When I connect another machine to eth0 (outside - IP with IP and connect via VPN to the PIX, they can ping themselves (for testing, I have added two access lists to permit any ip and icmp from any two machines on any interface) - I can do ping from the internal machine and get echo-reply from outside and ping from outside and get inside machine. VPN pool is with netmask I can access the Web server on XP machine from the outside machine.

Practically, everything works, except one thing - I cannot browse the Windows network, e.g. by using Explorer or simply by doing net view \\\\computer\\share. The latter gives me error 53 - The network path was not found. If I try using IP address, i.e. net view \\\\\\share, it doesn't work, too.

I did not put WINS because XP is not a server OS, thus this is not possible. I have read that this is necessary in order to do the network browsing (since pings work, I presume browsing is the problem). I tried modifying lmhosts and adding the necessary host information to it, without luck. Can this be solved without using WINS/DNS (if these have anything to do with the problem, anyway)? I presume broadcast is limited in VPN connections, so this could also be the problem.

Help is appreciated, thank you!

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