openvpn windows xp client

Hello, I've got an openvpn2 freebsd server to which i'd like to connect a variety of unix/windows clients. My first question is is it better to have openvpn going over udp or tcp, the server can allow for both? I was just wondering if there was any performance gain one protocol over the other? Secondly, i've got openvpn gui installed on windows xpsp2, and have the keys installed properly. When i try to connect to the server i get several errors, the show stopper is one regarding the tun/tap adapter not being found. I went in to device manager and the name of the network adapter is: Tap-Win32 Adapter V8 which is what i put in the client configuration file, yet it still isn't happy. Lastly, i've got a network on a subnet, i'd like to join my clients to the same network, but a warning message i get on starting the client says that i can not have this. Any workarounds? Thanks. Dave.

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