Lifetime for phase 1 and 2.

Could you suggest me appropriate values for lifetimes in phase 1 and 2? I know the lower the best but also the lower the greater load for CPU of the device negotiating parameters. So have you any suggestions?


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On PIX, 6 hours for phase 1 (aes-256/md5, DH Group 2), 3 hours for phase

2, PFS, (aes/md5) + 512Mb for the volume. Here is how I setup my PIX VPN for 4 years now without any troubles in terms of CPU of Mem. An example, 1 HA PIX 525 with 120 PIX 501/506/515 talking about in the meantime. The bandwidth the encrypt is 32 Mbits/sec, most of the remote sites are 1024/128 down/up.


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