IPSec between different firewalls - help/advice

Hi there,

I've been asked to implement an IPSec tunnel for FTP purposes between two networks.

Without going into too much detail i'd like to say that on my side there will be sonicwall firewall with a Win2k server sitting in the DMZ serving FTP.

The problem is the other end I have no knowledge of other than they are using a Cisco 3030 - this i'm not too fussed about as it's not my problem and they have decent network techs on site...

Now - as far as i am aware you cannot setup Win2K IPSec if the machines are not trusted/members of the same domain - am i correct?

So i am assuming i have to create the tunnel to terminate at my SonicWall firewall and then forward the necessary ports?

If so - the IPSec setup in Win2K should have what tunnel endpoint. My public IP address? they will be FTPing data to me...

Thanks for any answers/guidance!! steve

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