VoIP media gateway

I have some rackspace at a datacenter and I would like to try setting up a configuration enabeling me to make VoIP to PSTN calls and vice versa.

This is (atleast initially) just for testing purposes - but what hardware do I need at the datacenter in order to make this possible? Can it be done with just opensource technology? How can I obtain a phone number that is publically available from PSTN?


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Christian Hansen
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what you seek is exactly excepted from and ebay listing!

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COMBINE-A-LINE .. Imagine..1=2

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How about joining TWO VOIP ports into a single handset, answering machine, caller ID or PC Modem?

USE a CLT to join a card card acceptor and your single line telephone as well!


see if anybody picks-up, on another line trunk, after you are already in a call??? A visual real-time security feedback feature!


Combine-A-Line (CLT) allows two separate calls from two different lines to be directed to your single line telephone equipment or PC. Centralizing and PROTECTING (SURGE PROTECTION INSIDE) your communication equipment for your home office or for the family.

Combine-A-Line supports all services from your telephone company including Caller ID. It also has two line surge protectors to make sure that you are Protecting your equipment and bi-color LEDS to indicate line tampering.

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Ever see a two line dial up modem? Now you can use a CLT to join two pstn line to your computer modem, creating a central telephone system on a regular desktop computer.

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Marc Popek

If you are interested in a one or two lines, try an FXO device. There are lot's of different vendors and products available. I am familiar with the MediaTrix device, but there a plenty of others.

I do more with multiple lines. I have some Cisco 3600's with a PRI module for Internatioal LD, and some used low end testing. GIve me the ability from 23 PSTN instances.

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Brian LaVallee

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