VoIP software for OSX that connects to Meridian 1 PBX

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Does anyone know of a VoIP softphone that will connect to a Nortel Meridian 1 PBX system? I currently use the Nortel i2050 Softphone on Windows but I need something that works similar on OSX. I don't know if Nortel uses SIP or H232, but I'm trying to find out. The i2050 Softphone software only has Servertype set as 'Meridian 1' if that helps identify what protocol it uses.

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All Nortel phones, including the i2050, use the Nortel proprietry UNIStim protocol for signalling. If you have the appropriate hardware & licensing on your M1 (ie, signalling servers & ip licenses) I don't see why you couldn't use an OSX SIP or H.323 phone.

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