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I am trying to find a VOIP residential provider that can give me a local number in a little town called Cullowhee, North Carolina. It doesn't have to be in the immediate area as long as anyone in Cullowhee can call it without having to incur a toll charge.

I am pulling my hair out by the roots looking around for a provider. I can't yet confirm whether Cullowhee is local to Asheville, NC or not. A number in the Cullowhee area is (828) 227-XXXX if that helps anyone.

Vonage has been no help. They don't cover Asheville and though they have three other locations in the 828 area code, I can't get them to give me enough information to determine if one of those locations is local to Cullowhee. They denied they covered three locations and would only give me one voicemail access number in the 828 area.

Hasn't someone set up a search site yet where you can enter an area code and prefix to find out which companies offer local residential VOIP numbers in that area? If so, can someone give me the URL to it?

Failing that, does anyone know an economical VOIP provider that can help me with this?



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