Sipura-2100 & VPN Tunnels

Today I tried installing my new SPA-2100 VOIP Router (Firmware Ver 2.0.5a) between my DSL Modem/Router and my Linksys BEFSX41 VPN Endpoint Router.

The SPA-2100 is configured with the DMZ passing all incoming traffic to the Linksys router (the DSL Modem/Router is similarly passing all incoming traffic to the SPA-2100).

While it looks like the tunnel to my remote location (a Linksys BEFVP41) is being established, no ping traffic is going thru the tunnel. The tunnel works fine if the SPA-2100 is not in the picture.

The SPA-2100 does not have any settings for IPSEC or PPTP pass thru. Has anyone had any success getting VPN traffic to flow thru this router?


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Mike Schumann
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Another BIG problem with this unit. If I have a Windows XP workstation behind this router, and try to connect a PPTP VPN tunnel to a Windows 2003 Server, the NAT in the router locks up, and you can't ping thru the router towards any destinations on the internet. Rebooting the router fixes the problem.

This is 100% repeatable.

Mike Schumann

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