Saw $5 credit at

Went to the site today. Besides the Free DID, and Voicemail, they are setting up accounts with a $5 credit as a free trial. Did not need a CC.

Talked it up overseas

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Why does this feel like some kind of scam to me? Maybe it's:

Age of site (10 days)


Essentially no info.

Hawked by a guy from voipmadness (same registrar, same IP, not quite a month old).

A come-on of "Today Only, the next 20 people...", which of course is the same thing it said on the 13th according to Google's cache.

Maybe PT Barnum was right, but I guess the real question is "How stupid do you think we are?"

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William P.N. Smith

You might go straight to

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They are legit and part of a larger company. Not sure what the frontman site is up to...

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Jonathan Roberts

I tried it out, and did not see that come-on. It took me to the site, and the sign up worked fine. After my sign up, I got an email with an "Express Code" to be entered in at the site to get my credit. I went to the site and had no problem entering the code.

Aside from the fact that I got an "Invalid code" message and no credit, I'm no worse off for it. The strange thing is that the email came from i2telcom (the voicestick people) and not the front end people, so I have no idea what's up with that.

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I think the frontman is an affiliate. Haven't seen an affiliate program advertised though...

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Jonathan Roberts

"Jonathan Roberts" wrote in news:%0Zag.77425$gE.4305@dukeread06:

I almost missed seeing the $5 credit.

You get a confirmation email from voicestick and in that letter is a long code number and there is a place in your account panel that will take the code and you do get your $5

Service works fine, good quality. I have now upgraded to the unlimited Global plan for $24 a month.

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They must have made a change or two.

The site you can go to directly is

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The do need a CC to register, but no charge was put on my card. (I called and asked why the card and they said there had been severe abuse ....go figure!)

Anyway did get my $5 credit, but it is kind of easy to over look.

It is a code that you need to input after you sign up.

Everything is working fine, love the bridge so I can now make LD on my cell phone dirt cheap (Yeah I don't have a national calling program)

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