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I am planning to develop a small application that displays the details of the active calls in a VoIP network and its QoS values. Obviously, the details will be got from the RTCP packets.

I am looking for a sniffer that decodes the RTCP packets from the network and provide a human understandable information of the RTCP header. As this is an individual project/product, I am looking for a free/very cheap solution. A platform neutral solution would be an plus. Any tools that you have come across?

Thanks for your help.

With Regards, Stephen Regan.

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Take a look on Ethereal project. At least it is very good for debug purposes (not only RTCP but large family of protocols). I am not familiar with license of this product and can't say what exactly you can get from it as a 'brick' for your development.

As for me i use it for a long time as good offline visualization tool (in conjunction with tcpdump) and i'm not trying its capture facility.

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