International Telecommunication Metrics For Developing Country


I am currently working on a national project which has the aim of analyzing the telecommunication sector for a developing economy. We are trying to develop a set of metrics to measure if the quality of the telecommunication system is satisfying the local consumer demand.

Currently we are using ICT indicators obtained from the ITU database; these indicators address broad criteria such as number of internet users per 100 inhabitants.

We are looking for establish measures to analyze the quality of the telecommunication sector in more depth.

I would like to seek any advice on this matter ... I am specifically looking for measures which can be compared against other national telecommunication networks. Right now we are using many of the UN ITU ICT measures for benchmarking our internal growth and progress in telecom/data areas.

So, any references to international or national studies or data on telecommunications network performance and accessibility would be great. Suggestions as to particularly significant or important areas to measure in landlines, cell lines, data com and other telco systems would be appreciated.

Also, we are examining metrics for measuring the internal (nationalized) telco performance (which can't be compared to the UN ICT studies):

  • % of total IP packets dropped
  • avg peak/off-peak latency of IP packets (ms)

Any advice on these and other metrics for use internally. References to sources and books on this subject would also be appreciated.

Thank you.

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