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I cannot contact a CSR to cancel service. There is not an account cancellation option in their account manager After 45 minutes of hold time to speak to a CSR they transfer my call to a voice/msg answer service - I never receive a response to my msg. Their chat feature never produces a CSR. Email requesting cancellation is never answered.

The cancellation would be of less concern if a credit card was not required for sign up.

Today I will snail mail their office.

Anyone else encountered this problem? Solution?

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May I recommend contacting your bank to dispute the charges packet8 is making to your credit card? Getting a charge-back from your bank would be good way to 'promote' canceling the service.

Regards, Todd

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Send a registered letter with return receipt to the them canceling your service.

Depending on how much you mistrust them and how long they prevented you from canceling the service by being unavailable you can even have your bank cancel your old credit card number and issue a new one.

Once every couple of years some company tries that scam on me. I found from experience that without the registered/return-receipt letter you may eventually get hosed for the money. I've had a credit card company "lose" a stack of correspondence (even though they replied at the time) and then claim "Since you didn't dispute the charges within the 6month window we have reinstated the charges, added fines and 18% interest. Have a nice day."


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Wolfgang S. Rupprecht

So far both responses include my plan - I'll register my letter to Packet8 and send a carbon copy to my credit card company. But, at this time no false charges have been placed against the credit card - I want to cancel effective my annual renewal date. My account already indicates the next pymt is set to be taken. Apparently avoiding cancelling subscriptions is part of Packet8's business approach?

But, it would be much simpler if Packet8 would only acknowledge my cancellation and accept there will always be a certain percentage of turnover.

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