I'm pleassed to present you, VOIPCALLRED this company has excellent prices that we are going to show you below:

Limitless plans to USA and NARROW CANYON 29.90 $us Limitless plans to 32 Countries 49.50 $us

The best prices in having called by prepago some examples:

Spain fixes 0.016 $us Cellular Spain 0.125 $us Argentina Fixes 0.015 $us Argentina Mobil 0.15 $us Brazil 0.032 $us Brazil Mobile 0.148 $us Bolivia Fixes 0.057 $us Bolivia Mobile 0.13 $us Fixed Peru 0.0206 $us Peru 0.155 $us Canada from 0.012 $us Chile 0.017 $us Chile Mobile 0.15 $us Colombia 0.0305 $us Colombia MObile 0.896 $us

Billing for all the countries of 30/30

Download the lower rates from our own webpage

formatting link
for each purchase you make, we give 25%, but it has more than enough your purchase, we also give you a softphone for your pc.

Oportunity to build up your own one white Voip lines with the best prices at whole world.

Voipcallred belongs to ahatelcom international carrier,it has been 4 years in the international market of world routes.

Don't wait, contact with us, attention personalized for each client, support 24/7 hrs with answer records.

Callshop free for users callcenter or of booths or of centers of calls.

For each bill we give you an I number United States free free.

If you refer us a client we gift you 10% of their purchase, gonna find facilities like this neither in the sky...

Contact you with me to MSN or Mail: Sales Manager voipcallred

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