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I have v. strange problem with Cisco 1760 (IOS ver 12.3(7)XR). The problem is connected with the look of called phone number comming from PBX to Cisco (BRI interfaces). Every dialed digit is doubled (in case of using OVERLAP dialing). For instance if i dial 506047553 (on PBX side) i get 550066004477555533 which is then sent further through IP. The situation is quite opposite if i use ENBLOCK (by pushing redirect button). Deriving from the logs below I am almost sure that PBX is sending the digits properly thereby the problem is located somewhere in Cisco configuration.

------------------------------------------------------ Overlap: (debug voip ccapi inout, isdn q931)


*Apr 3 05:16:49.371: ISDN BR2/0 Q931: RX
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Don't You have any ideas what can be the reason of that problem?

The problem still exist and i am still trying to get out of that.

Thanks, Mac

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