Does my neighbour have to dial all 11 digits to my Lingo voip phone?


I just got a voip connection from Lingo set up. It works fine. I chose to get a new number from them. What I find strange is that I can call locally from the Lingo phone using the last 7 digits while everyone in my local area have to dial all 11 digits to call me. Is that right? I wonder what would have happened if I had chosen to keep my old number, would they still have had to call all 11 digits? I did call Lingo's technical support, and they of course said that people had to call all

11 digits. The answer came too fast I think. I am not sure this can be the case.

Does anyone know how these things work in the a mixed voip land line world?



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Christian Dysthe
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11 or 10 digits? Here in the mid-atlantic (us) it's common to have to dial both the 3 digit area code and the 7 digit number (10 total). So even when 'in' the 301 area code calling another number in 301 it's necessary to dial the 301 area code. Calling other 'local' area codes can be done with just their area code (202, 703, 240, etc). Calling a number in those area codes but not 'local' requires dialing a leading 1 for long distance. This switch came about years ago here. Other areas using 7 digit dialing apparently still exist but I wouldn't be surprised to see it being required.

Whether or not it's related to using a VOIP connection wouldn't seem like it should matter. Does the use of a new Carrier and number portability require the change?

-Bill Kearney

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