cordless/wireless headset recommendations?

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for recommendations for a cordless/wireless headset for use with VoIP and Skype. I've tried 3 different bluetooth devices but all were disappointing for quality and range. All had a stereo mode with great fidelity, but the mono/biderectional mode you need where the mic works was pretty crappy. Also the range was not enough to go from my lounge to my kitchen (ca. 10m indoor through two thin walls), despite some of it being the newer bluetooth standard that's supposed to cover (up to) 100m.

From the interface point of view I would accept anything, i.e. either:-

analogue solution to connect to computer's audio hardware usb solution (i.e. with own a/d circuitry) lan/wlan solution not requiring pc for connection to dsl router/wlan

Obviously cheaper is better but I would be willing to splash out a bit for something with really good sound quality and range.

TIA, David

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David Johnstone
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Well you did not mention one other interface - a direct RJ14 connection into a traditional telephone wireless headset such as Plantronics' CS50 or Voyager

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I am assuming you have already checked their specialized VoIP ones and did not like it for whatever reason (such as lack of range, which would be fair to say)

Anyways, for a traditional telephone headset to work you'd need a USB adapter such as this gizmo here:

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I would get the gizmo first, try it with your wired phone handset and only then shell out $300+ on a solidly built but a bit expensive Plantronics wireless headset.

Good luck!

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