Comunications ATA 186 to ATA 186 (without any gatekeeper or CallManager)

I have two customer. Both connected to Internet (ADSL)

Each customer has an IP fixes and an equipment with ATA 186.

the configuration would be:

Customer 1: extension 1000 Customer 2: extension 2000

When client 1 dialing 2000, they call to VoIP phone of customer 2.... and vice versa.

This simple configuration can be made without having to use a Gatekeeper (Asterisk, CallManager,...)

The solution seems to be in that ATA of customer 1 puts as gateway ATA of customer 2, and vice versa.

I was not able to find answers in the Cisco documentation.

would know somebody like doing it? would you have any url/link that explained it?

I really need help. Thanks.

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Of the ATA186 has a dialplan the answer would be found there. The dialplan would tell the ATA to call the ip of the other phone.

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