Broadsoft vs Sylantro IP Centrex app servers

Hi, it seems that Broadsoft and Sylantro are top players in IP Centrex/hosted pbx market. So I am just wondering if anyone has enough experience to compare those 2 products: their strengths, weaknesses etc, compare features they offer, etc. Most welcome are also experiences of about one of them. Please, post answers to the group.

thanks, jmiklo

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Hi , Let me tell what I know about Broadsoft. Broadsoft supports only SIP and MGCP. Does not support NAT traversal. The software based receptionist console is not so user friendly.

In addition to the basic centrex features the softswitch has following advanced features.

CommPilot Personal Web Portal

CommPilot Call Manager







Alternate Numbers

Anonymous Call Rejection

Call Forwarding


Ring Splash

Call Screening by Digit Patterns

Calling Line ID Blocking

Cancel Call Waiting

Client Call Control CommPilot Express

Distinctive Alert/Ringing

LDAP Directory Integration

Outlook Integration

Printable Group Directory

Phone List



Call Logs

Priority Alert/Ringing

Remote Office

Selective Call Acceptance

Selective Call Rejection

Shared Call Appearance

Simultaneous Ring

Thanks, Girawa

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