Asterisk VOIP setup (on the office side)

Suppose you set an Asterisk server as the gate keeper to your voice line with Bell.

What hardwares do you then set up in the inside (the office) so that you have at least a decent phone system for small business setup. Lets say I want about 5 phone sets inside the office (one on each desk of the business partners, so that when they need to make a phone call they would pick up the set, press #9 or whatever and be able to make a call outside). What kind of phones do I buy to utilize Asterisk (does it have to be voip). What hardware must I buy for the Asterisk server so that it will hook up to the bell land line? Can more than one person make call to each other internally? Say personA ..dials personB in the other room. By the way: I know very very little of PBX hence these simple questions.

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