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I am trying to select a telecommunications system for our mid-size company. We have narrowed it down to 3 suites. Cisco Unified Videoconferencing, the tandberg Centric, and Polycom VSX. Is there anybody out there that has had a bad experience or good experience with any of these systems?

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Dear George,

appriciate you choosing the best brand available among the rest...except the declaration of Polycom in your choice list. Polycom is no longer considered to be an option available for serious VC activity. Cisco on other hand is highly integrated to any system available till date of any configuration and intigrity so no doubt about its performance but still pricing is always a mandatory Query anyone would like to workout. Tandberg is no wonder the market leader when it comes to videconferencing and its beign in the industry since the origin of VC technology. going with tandberg is always a sensible way overall. There are also few more option such as Aethra and Marconi and both seem to be strong contender for any VC requirment with its higest level of technology updates and performance wise output makes them my all time check in for those newly updated VegaX series [] and high standardized Marconi []...

all the best for optimized buying.. Desi_VC

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Do you have any legacy equipment?

IP Only? ISDN?

How many sites/users are you looking to integrate?

Are you considering meeting rooms or desktop or both?

What is your relationship with your vendors? are they your IT resource or are they a AV group? The answer will likely shed light on their recommendations.

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You can find refurbished polycoms on Ebay. I've use the VSX 7000 and the VSX 5000 the VS4000 the 512 and 128.

I like the VSX 7000 it still has a real PTZ camera. It still comes with the Polycom mic ( the best audio and audio-cancelling in the business) I purchased the VSX 7000 with the Soundstation audio bridge. This allows us to make both regular conference call as well as video calls and bridge the calls together.

I'm going to upgrade to the Multipoint software, I wish I had purchased that instead of the People + content. So I'm going to shell out another $2100.00 just to enable multipoint.

My Old VS4000 came with that feature.

I use the VSX 7000 in stereo mode with the base speaker and send the video to a Sony 40" LCD in 16:9 mode through the VGA connector.

I've connected to Tandbergs and have had no problems. I set them up for group meetings, one on one and mutlisite.

Don't get the VSX 5000 unless your out of money. I put as much money into lighting, tables and a blue curtain with logo as I did on VSX 7000s with Soundstation and the 40" Sony LCD and sound system.


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