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Does anyone know how to use a tester? I bought the Turbo Tone. It has instructions, but I guess I don't understand them too well. I have a phone line with 4 pairs. I don't know which pair is active. I just want the device to tell me which is active. I see "NRM" and "REV". I suppose that stands for Normal and Reversed. Other than that I can't get something basic like is the line active or not?

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And you bought this little high tech piece of wonderment because?????????????????

Simply read the instructions under "INSTRUCTIONS FOR UES on page #1. To Check the Status of Phone Circuit.

It really says it all. You really need a active line for it to work. Otherwise it won't.

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There is some sort of mathematical formula to figuring this out. As was suggested you ought to RTFM. If there is an active line in the cable, you can find it with your tongue, a meter, or the tester clipped to earth ground. Since an active line usually has -48 volts on the Ring and Ground on the tip, you can ground your tester/body and touch each of the 8 wires until the tester lights up or you taste the battery.

With any luck, the mate of the cable completes the pair.

Of course a Butt set would have done the same thing and you could just listen for dial tone..

Normally we're talking Blue/White as the Ring and White/Blue as the Tip.

Carl Navarro

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Carl Navarro

Why did you buy it if you didn't know how it works?

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Joe Phlebeetz

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