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VIKING Electronics manufactures security and telecommunications equipment. Our web site is generating a significant number of calls from end users who are seeking a qualified installer in their area. We do not sell direct, so we're setting up a Referred Installer Program.

There is no cost to be a part of this program. You simply have to be a reputable installer and treat our end user referrals in a professional manner. You can purchase our equipment at wholesale rates from any of our 16 distributors. You set your own equipment resale and labor prices and terms.

For more information on how to get listed in our Referred Installer database, send an email to the address below (delete the obvious nospam portion) and put Referred Installer Program in the subject line.

We will email you a description of the program and an application.

Thanks for your interest

Rick Muscoplat VIKING Electronics, Marketing

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Did you mean to post this three times or does your mouse key bounce?-)

Rick Merrill (the other Rick M.)

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