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I work for a hospital with 22 remote clinics/sites. We currently have a Seimens Rolm 9751 telephone system in place at the hospital and a mixture of Rolm, Inter-tel, Nortel, and Samsung systems at the other locations. There are approximately 2000 digital and analog phone ports used at the hospital. We are going to replace the aging Rolm system this year. We'd like to network the larger remote sites together for transparency and centralized voicemail. What do other hospitals use for their telecommunications needs? What systems are easier to administer? Thanks!

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Jesse BHS
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Check out the Mitel systems. They have entire counties networked together and a lot of hospitals.

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The 9751-9005 (the real ROLM) is one workhorse that could not be beat then and even now by almost any TDM box (Nortels can do ISDN better than the

9751s but thats it in my opinion) much as I hate to say this, you might want to look at the later 9751-9006i (now the Hicom300E) with Cornet and Remote Comm Modules, which can support centralized Phonemail too....Even the 9751-9005 could run Cornet with 9006m software and give you the features you want (with other 9006m/9006i boxes)...Are you wanting to look at VoIP or stay with TDM? The 9006i/HCM300 does NOT admin as easy as the fact you wont find an easier box to take care....If you change to the later 9006i/HCM300 box with Cornet talking to other sites, you can keep the phones AND Phonemail thus keeping the costs down.


8000/9000/9751/9200/Nortel certified and Avaya trained as well ;)
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Thank you for your reply. We are looking at staying with TDM for now with the possibility of adding VoIP later. I will check into the systems you mentioned.


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Jesse BHS

Do you have any models I should concentrate on? I've worked on the Mitel 200 Digital and SX50 before.

Jesse (Inter-tel, Samsung, Mitel Certified)

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