Panasonic KX-TD1232C Hybrid system - Need both pairs?

We have a Panasonic KX-TD1232C hybrid system, almost all of our terminals are digital.

We have 12 pairs running to a remote building, and we're supporting 4 terminals out there. Each terminal has two pairs. Due to construction, we need to support 4 more terminals, which exceeds the capacity of the wiring.

Obviously, we don't have to send a digital pair to the analog terminal, but do we need to send the analog pair to the digital terminals? The digital terminals appear to work without the analog pair, but are there any surprises waiting?

Thanks, Mike

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Michael Neary
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By this you mean telephones? A "terminal" to me is either a 66 block, or an ASR-33...

The KXTD phones are digital, or they are analog. The only "analog" part of the digital phones is the handy analog jack on the back for plugging in your modem.

BUT, I'd be worried about losing ports on the switch to lightning/ static...... What kind of protection do you have on them?

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David Lesher

We'll check and see if any of the users even know about that port. If they're using a fax, we'll give them an analog pair too.

Aside from being underground, none. In this area, we have earthquakes much more frequently than lightning. ;-)

Regards, Mike

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