Mitel SX200 and CESID

LW 19.3, pri

Oh great Mitel whizzes, what pray tell does one do with the CESID field in a shared tenant environment to direct emergency personnel to the correct suite?

Many thanks!

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henry cabot henhouse III
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Sounds to me like it may be time to call up Xtend div. of Amcom or Proctor Assoc. for a 3rd party (external) solution that sends PS/ALI updates to Entrado (who in turn feeds the PSAPs). That way your exts can literally be scattered all over hell's half acre and as long as you keep your PS/ALI database updated with your MAC activity, the PSAP will know exactly where to send help.

Have your checkbook ready. Both systems are well into 5 figures, but accomplish exactly what you're needing.

I do not know any other way to do it.

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