Home phone does not ring on incoming wireless calls

Home cordless phone would not ring so bought a new one with combo of cord and cordless. Still had the ringing issues. Called phone company and repairman visited and phone started to ring, but after a while I noticed that wireless calls were showing as 'missed call' and in the caller ID list. The wireless calls are not ringing in. Land lines are!

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What happens to incoming wireless calls? Do they ring dead as if going to an unattached line elsewhere?

Find out more about which calls do and don't reach you. It is not just "wireline" vs. "wireless", but which carriers/switches. For instance, try

a) a call from your same carrier's switch; for instance, if your line is in East Overshoe and served by the BellNorth Overshoe CO, have another BellNorth Overshoe line call you.

b) then try a local *cable* or CLEC wire line (not a resale line though)

c) try a long distance call from out of state (have someone call you back)

d) try a couple of different wireless carriers.

It may be a problem with the number portability database. How long have you had the number on that carrier?

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Fred Goldstein

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